Brands & Investments

Our brands

Our selected portfolio of in-house operated brands.


AccountantFor matches ambitious businesses and individuals with the perfect accountant.

Senior Lovers

Senior Lovers is a community of like-minded people looking for love and friendship online.

Our investments

Our selected portfolio of investment projects, including personal investments.


OnBuy – a fair trading platform for the Seller, in turn, the a trusted & safe market for the Buyer.

The Original Fit Factory

The Original Fit Factory has created an ecosystem of products and services that elevate the well-being journey for everyone.


Occuity’s mission is to create a range of non-contacting handheld devices which can be used for either non-clinical screening and measuring or personal monitoring for diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Green Lithium

Building The UK’s First Merchant Lithium Refinery


The fun-first, responsible, low-stakes social betting platform, where someone always wins.

Gazelle Wind Power

Gazelle Wind Power was founded to license a unique technology for a floating offshore wind platform.


IPG is replacing the diesel generator with a pollutant-free, low-cost, multi-fuel alternative.


A new way to buy a home, completely debt-free, with just a 5% deposit and no mortgage.


Creating a world where working, connection and collaboration is local, within a 10 minute walk or cycle commute from your doorstep.

Stamp Free

Award-winning, AI platform enables sending parcels and online returns with no need for labels or stamps.

Naked Sprout

The UK’s most sustainable tissue products*, 100% unbleached bamboo. Plastic and harsh chemical free.

Candam Technologies

Unlock a new era in waste management: Convert any bin into smart, elevating recycling to new heights


A circular future where access to products replaces ownership. Think of us as the ‘Netflix of things’.


Onfolio Holdings LLC acquires Onfolio acquires and manages a portfolio of digital companies.


Famli is transforming how families look after their wellbeing for the growing $136bn parent-tech market.


Pennyworth is an AI-powered private bank for the aspiring affluent.


We’re proud of our strong track record on delivering exit value against our in-house brands and external investments.


The fastest voucher site in the UK with out-of-this-world savings to boot.

2.80x ROI


Exclusive voucher codes, coupon codes and discounts from over 20,000 brands & counting.

3.04x ROI


A website/blog within the financial review and guide niche.

15.46x ROI

Balance Bunny

Balance Bunny integrates your business bank balance and transactions into your private Slack channel.

2.51x ROI

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